Are pc games region locked

are pc games region locked

yes it wil it wil run just fine pc games are also not bound to pal and ntsc (thast the tv standard has nothing to do with pc monitors) i have quite a few. You know NTSC vs. PAL, and all that. I'm not % familiar with the concept, but I do know it usually means if you buy a game in the UK. Hey I believe that PC Games have no region locks in place, but I'm not %, so are there any region locks? I'm just asking because I want to  Are Steam games region locked?.



Are pc games region locked - Automatenherz

Thanks, guys, I kinda figured this was the case, since PCs aren't made from a universal set of components the way consoles are, but it's still nice to be reassured. I don't think it's even technically possible via anything other than Steam or the likes, and even with those I'm pretty sure you can download the game anywhere in the world after you've bought it. Search all All News Features Blogs Forums. OfficeEdge Pro, OfficeEdge Proc, OfficeEdge Pro, OfficeEdge Prot, CS, CS Color Laser Printer. That brings the VPN question up. Jrinswand Follow Forum Posts: Nintendo was the first console maker to introduce regional locks to its consoles.